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I trained in Veterinary Medicine at The University of Cambridge in the UK where I also studied a bachelors degree in Zoology. As well as teaching me anatomy, physiology and all the other things needed to be a vet, I also developed another skill - that of life long learning and a need to question the status quo. I think this has stayed with me and is behind my passion for alternative therapies.


After vet school I worked in a variety of clinics in the UK, developing special interests in dermatology, animal behaviour and pet nutrition. Seeing the huge improvement in animals suffering from a range of conditions when their diet was improved started my journey into a holistic way of practising veterinary medicine.


Ever keen to continue learning, I completed training in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2013, another holistic practice with amazing potential in animals. Having used it in dogs, cats and even rabbits and horses I can testify how well animals tolerate (and even enjoy) the procedure and how effective it can be for conditions such as arthritis.

Essential Oils came  into my life after having children, initially as a way to make my home smell somewhat more appealing!! They say everyone has a 'eureka' moment with oils, and mine was noticing how calm my dogs and children were when I diffused a particular blend. I hit the books and scientific papers and soon learned about the power of these scented liquids. I now regularly recommend the use of essential oils to help a variety of conditions in my patients and provide safety and blending information to clients via my website.

After moving to beautiful Queensland in 2018 I worked in veterinary management, but soon realised I missed the kitten cuddles and doggie pats so returned to clinical work. My holistic house call service helps fur parents wanting a fully integrative approach to pet care in the comfort of their own homes. I now also welcome clients to be consulting rooms for those who prefer a boutique veterinary feel outside their own. I'd love for you to get in touch and learn more about how nature and alternative medicine can help your own furry babies. 

Dr Alison Kemp MA VetMB MRCVS

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